I am delighted to offer both Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese word most often translated as "universal life force energy." I do not use my own energy, but access and channel this healing energy for your well-being and spiritual benefit.

Reiki is not associated with any specific religion and does not require any particular belief system.

It is an ancient energy, powerful yet gentle. It does no harm.

Reiki energy evokes feelings of joy, peace, light, warmth, healing and balance. You will likely feel a great sense of calm and relaxation, and often emotional or physical releases occur.

While described as a form of healing touch, physical contact is not required. Because Reiki is energy, physical proximity is not required either, so distance sessions are as effective as those in person.


Usui Reiki is named after the spiritual teacher, Mikao Usui, who rediscovered Reiki energy in the 1800's. I received my first Usui Reiki attunements in 1997, and continue to appreciate its potent effects.

During the treatment session, you either sit or lie down, however you are most comfortable. The energy, which is all around us, is channeled through me to you. It knows where to go, and goes where it's needed.

Traditionally, there is a sequence of hand positions used. Because the flow of energy (most often experienced as heat) is more intense directly under the hands, I will often break with tradition and focus that intensity on the specific area of your discomfort. Penetrating relief!

Unlike massage, there is no need to remove your clothing, nor for you to be actually touched. This makes Reiki a wonderful alternative to traditional massage, and allows those who are uncomfortable with some of the physical aspects of massage to receive the benefits of healing touch.

Treatments are generally conducted in silence. Reiki is recommended for relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, support in any healing or recovery process, and a sense of well-being and restoration. An excellent supplement to traditional therapies of mind and body.

I'm Ready for Reiki!


In 2005, I was honored when I became an Angelic Reiki Master.

With the Angelic Reiki system, the angelic kingdom and ascended masters (spiritually enlightened beings) participate in the work. Sometimes they *DO* the work, and I serve merely as the conduit to the physical, a witness of sorts. Other times, they provide me with support, guidance and insights.

This work is healing AND transformative, teaming up with the angelic realm. Frequently, they offer affirmations and other messages. Shared visual imagery is commonplace in Angelic Reiki sessions. We journey together, guided by angels and other enlightened entities. Often, loved ones and spiritual guides will appear.

The presence of these enlightened beings and their active participation in the work is what distinguishes Angelic Reiki from other Reiki systems. This makes the sessions more interactive, as we receive and exchange information with these entities and each other.

The sessions are always thoroughly safe and pervaded by love. Deeply healing on all levels, clients often report that Angelic Reiki brings them in closer touch with their true spirit.

Let’s Journey!


"Before my first session with Nancy, tears were very near the surface. By my next session, the tears cleared away and I felt something happening in my right foot. Even though I hadn't mentioned my sprained ankle, an angel worked on it during the session. The next night that foot broke out in hives and itched a lot. Now it's back to normal, and I can walk without pain! I would recommend Nancy's work to anyone who is open to healing. I felt a strong connection and hope to have more sessions."

--Barb, St. Louis

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